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Apnea / Feb 25, 2016

It's time for ZG again, ZG raid on Friday the 26th at 7pm PST (4am server). So get those preraid BiS and consumables ready for the best time of your life.Sign up here

Apnea / Feb 20, 2016

MC raid on Friday the 4th at 7pm PST (4am server). Make sure to sign up on to make sure you have a spot!Sign up here

Apnea / Feb 20, 2016

This will be the second time Sadistic Tendencies will be running ZG together. This run will be for DKP.Sign up here

Apnea / Feb 14, 2016

Sadistic Tendencies is doing our first guild member only run. Don't miss out on this historic event! Sign up here!