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Apnea / Sep 09, 2016

Hey Sadists, our guild leadership and some core members have switched over to retail WoW. We are currently playing as Horde on the Blackrock server. Message anyone from Sadistic Tendencies for an invite! We are planning on raiding on the 20th of S...

Apnea / Jun 04, 2016

Hello my Sadists! I would like to welcome back some of core raiders from Nostralius and our new members on Kronos 2 Horde. Sadistic Tendencies has just pushed into the 40s bracket and anxiously awaiting 60 so we can continue raiding. Here are a li...

Apnea / May 25, 2016

Hey Sadists! Myself and a few key members of the guild will be rerolling on Kronos 2 Horde. It works with the Nost WoW Client all you have to do is make an account and change your realmlist to set realmlist login.kronos-...

Apnea / Mar 03, 2016

MC raid on Friday the 12th at Noon PST (21 server). Make sure to sign up on to make sure you have a spot!Click here to Apply for MC!